Old Mill Village 18th Century Living History Event's
1999 Photo Gallery




Our 18th Century Botanist and Apothecary in the gardens
and peddling his concoctions and potions.











Some of The 24th Connecticut Militia Regiment in camp,
Inspection and firing a volley.



Hey, how did Bruce get in there?










24th CMR
Doing it the Right Way.





CaptainVonSchlegell whipping the rag tag riflemen into shape!








Very difficult to get them to stand, let alone stand against the British!






He is not impressed.
Ensign Phillips! Give them Rum and send them back to their camp!!!  
Let them lie as dogs.




Evening's pleasures after the public leaves.





On the Shooting range

George Rogers Emptying a tin cup - see it in the air!





A lot of "one on one" with the public- that's what the weekend
was all about.

Tim gets his share..










Early morning in camp.