This is page 2 of photos from the recent
18th Century Living History Event held at Old Mill Village Museum
August 12th & 13th, 2000


Battle on horseback: British and American dragoons
put on a exciting show of horsemanship and sword play,
demonstrating cavalry tactics used during the American Revolution


Hey! I'm starting to recognize these guys.
Maybe we will see Mel Gibson too.



No way it's just New Milford !
We have got the best guys from the movie anyway!



Back on the Battlefield

Last minute battle plans.
Mitch from the 11th Pa goes over
the plan with his men and Allen of
the 24th Conn. Regt. who will man
one of swivel guns.






Waiting for the British to advance onto the field


It starts again!

This year, Sundays American Revolutionary battle was
narrated through it's entirety by Mark Achtermann,
the exceptional 18th Century Personaist,
which gave the visitors insight into what they were seeing
as well as descriptions of the clothing and tactics.