18th Century Living History Weekend
2003 Photo Galleries

A Walk Through the 18th Century



Due to the large amount of images we received this year we are breaking up the Gallery into sections so that the load times will not be too long. Please keep in mind we have the images reduced so that there should be an optimal quality vs. download time. ( none of these are print quality)

If you were a participant and would like to receive a higher resolution version of what you are seeing on screen please let us know. Most of the images you see here we have on file as higher res scans and these should be large enough to make a print from.

If you have images from this event that you would like to share with us please do.

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Now to the Galleries.

Gallery #1 -Smiling Faces and Things to See

Gallery # 2 - The Woodland Attack 1757- French & Indian War

Gallery #3 -The Revolutionary War

Gallery #4 -An Evening, Relaxing

Gallery #5 - Recently Added Photos

 Gallery #6-Newly Added Photos